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Confined Space Entry PDF Print E-mail
Train confined space entry personnel to use appropriate forms and permits with Aware's computer-based training program. Confined Space Entry provides comprehensive instruction regarding the steps followed when performing a confined space entry; roles and responsibilities of the permit issuer, entrant and safety attendant; forms and permits.

ImageConfined Space Entry is one in a series of safe work courses. Other courses in the Safe Work series are Safe Work Permits, Gas Testing and Lockout/Isolation Procedures. All courses meet industry safety standards.

Our Competitive Advantage

Confined Space Entry was developed by Aware's education and training experts in conjunction with industry professionals. This ensures the course meets industry needs and standards. It also guarantees the course content is regularly updated, keeping it timely and relevant.

Also, Confined Space Entry includes Aware's full range of easy-to-use features including audio-visual assistance, coaching, interactive exercises and a glossary.