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Some organizations have precise training needs. Aware's technology-based learning solutions can augment traditional training sessions and complement off-the-shelf products.

Customizing courseware to your situation is a cost-effective way of ensuring that materials are more suited to your specific needs, and address the specific learning and training needs of your organization.

Customization services take two forms:

  1. We can start from an existing course and add, delete or modify pages to expand or contract content.  We can even develop two or more versions of a course to suit your multiple audiences (eg. TDG Shipper, TDG Receiver).
  2. We can develop courses entirely from scratch, based on materials you provide, or on material researched & compiled by our subject experts.   We have standard processes for product development under both these models.

The Cost-Benefit of Customization

Modifying standard courses typically costs between $2,000 and $5,000, and most clients typically modify 10-15 pages.   

Full custom development typically costs from $15,000 to $50,000 dollars, and can be easily cost justified on the basis of

  • number of employees to be trained
  • frequency of required training
  • expected life of the content

For a client who must train 1,000 employees for each of 3 years, a $30,000 investment in custom development will still only equal $10 per user per year -- substantially less than the cost of delivering and administering comparable classroom training!