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RSI Awareness PDF Print E-mail

Repetitive strain injuries are becoming increasingly common in today's workplace, whether the working environment is an office or a construction site. Individuals performing the same task each day are particulary susceptible to these injuries, which cause extreme pain, reduce productivity and increase disability claims.

ImageRSI Awareness, created by Aware Learning Technologies, provides your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to minimize injury. This computer-based training program, teaches employees how to assess a work situation, identify risk factors, and implement practices that reduce or control the riks identified.

Each learner is provided with a hands-on method for asseSsing and controlling personal risk using a systematic checklist. This self-help program also includes a solution finder that may be used with either a diagram of the human body or a list of tasks. Selecting a body part or a tasks reveals a list of possible causes as well as methods of prevention.

Our Competitive Advantage
RSI Awareness was developed by Aware's education and training experts in conjunction with the Industrial Accident Prevention Association.

RSI Awareness applies a scenario-based learning approach. After completing a portion of the course, the learner is presented with a practical example. The learner must then interpret and apply the concepts learned by choosing the most appropriate course o f action for the situation.

Also included are Aware's full range of easy-to-use features including audio/visual assistance, coaching, interactive exercises and a glossary.