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Aware Learning Manager(ALM) is the foundation from which Aware computer-based training programs operate. It is our default Learning Management System and Student Management system

ALM enables administrators to easily manage and monitor courses and learners using a number of helpful tools. ALM is provided with every Aware Courseware product purchase. 

ImageOther CBTs can also operate from the ALM to add superior database tracking and monitoring features.   We also recognize that some clients have investments in other LMSs and don't wish to support multiple systems.  In that case, ALM can allow "pass-through" launching of courses so that employees need only log-in to the currently supported LMS.  

ALM allows for flexible delivery options -- single workstations, wide and local area networks, CD_ROM or any combination of the three.  The ALM provides the ability to add topical, seasonal and site-specific information after installation, tracking and bookmarking, online competency evaluation and reporting, plus due diligence and security features that meet corporate standards.

ALM enables an administrator to easily manage a training system, regardless of the number of learners or training locations.  It provides the ability to:

Manage Students
  • quickly add or delete learner records 
  • verify or change a learner's password
  • assign a list of courses or a learner
  • monitor learners progress through any course

Manage Courses
  • Define Pass/Fail marks
  • Set required frequency
  • Modify the exam questions & weighting if required
  • Set # of times users are allowed to try exam
  • Compile Progress reports

Add External Courses
  • Set Windows launchable files (like powerpoint presentations) to be launched from the ALM.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from the Aware Learning Manager, please contact us.