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Aware CBT Products Provide Benefits To Your Organization

Our goals are to help administrators do their work more efficiently, to help organizations increase the effectiveness of learning, to help reduce training costs, and to provide the ability to monitor the effectiveness of training programs. Aware Learning Manager and its accompanying tools were created to meet the needs identified by training administrators and organizations.

Flexible Delivery

  • Choose a preferred installation type — local, network, CD-ROM or a combination.

Customization Options

  • Add important site-specific information to each screen.
  • Add, delete, or modify exam questions.

Essential Management Tools

  • Monitor learners regardless of location — local, national, or international.
  • Access the names of learners currently using the system.
  • View the current and maximum allowable number of learners.
  • Add, edit or delete a learner's record.
  • Verify or change a learner's password.
  • Select a specific list of courses for each learner or assign a default list of courses.
  • Add Aware courses or other courses.
  • Register learners or allow learners to self-register.

Comprehensive Evaluation Tools

  • Test each learner's knowledge with an exam.
  • Control access to the exam using an administrator's password.
  • Determine the number of exam questions offered.
  • Set the passing grade and number of exam attempts allowed.
  • Compile reports to monitor progress.
  • Print a certificate of completion for each learner.