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Exam Generator PDF Print E-mail

Now, you have the opportunity to build your own exams with site-specific questions and answers.

The Exam Generator was developed for administrators. It uses the same exam model found in Aware Courseware and it is run by the Aware Learning Manager, which means it has the same administrative, database management, and tracking functions found in Aware Courseware. Exam Generator is sold with the Aware Learning Manager.

Exam Generator can be used an unlimited number of times, and has fields for up to 500 questions and answers.

Exam Generator can be used:

  • As a stand-alone accessory, moving paper-based exams and tracking into a computer-based system.
  • As an augmentation to training and exams within other CBTs.
  • As a method to test practical training taken on-site.
  • As a supplement to Aware exams when entire site-specific exam modules are required.
  • As an opportunity to comprehensively track and monitor learners who use CMI legacy courses