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ALM 3.3.3 Released
The newest ALM adds
client-requested features.
Order your upgrade now. Clients with support services qualify for free upgrades.
SWP Updated
New versions of our Safe Work Permits courses have been released.
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The current version of the Aware Learning Manager is version 3.3.3

All clients of version 3.x with current Support & Maintenance Agreements are able to upgrade to the most current version for FREE.

Clients with 2.x versions can choose two options for upgrading their ALM version:

  1. Purchase a Support & Maintenance Agreement, with a re-instatement fee which makes the support retro-active to expiry of the Support & Maintenance contract.

  2. Or pay a one-time upgrade fee from the version being used to the current version.  The upgrade fee is calculated as a percentage of the current selling price as shown in the table below
Upgrading from :  2.22.4 2.9 + 3.03.1 
 % of purchase price to pay:
 70 %
60 %
 50 %
 30 %
20 %  




To receive the upgrade product contact Aware Learning technical support department at
support [at] awarelearning.com.